Our Story

Friends from day one…

Well maybe not day one but it didn’t take long. After meeting at NCT antenatal sessions, our friendship has blossomed. The experience of having children together and watching them grow into great friends has created a unique bond between us. 

We went to lots of different groups and classes with our little ones from when they were just a few weeks old. We really saw the value in the stimulation our children got and the social time for us… it keeps you sane! We’ve used our own experiences to bring all the best bits to you in our classes and now to your living room with our home hire kits. 

We decided to change our lives. 

We don’t have a degree in education and we aren’t experts in early childhood. We are “just” mums who wanted to start something for ourselves and for our children.

We had an initial idea and then in the evening, over coffee and whenever we could grab a moment we have developed our classes and the activities. After many months, we are ready to take off and cannot wait to share everything with you.

In addition to our classes we wanted to support our fellow mums by offering a contactless home delivery option when your little ones can enjoy travelling the world in the comfort of your own homes. Read more

We must credit the men in our lives too for their business help.

We hope you’ll love what we offer but we are always happy to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our mission

To deliver a unique, fun, sociable experience for children and their carers. To support the key building blocks of respect and tolerance that we hope our own children will demonstrate throughout their lives. To be mindful of our carbon footprint safe and social responsibility.